Since 2010 grapes have been selected for inclusion in the State Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey. The purpose of this survey is to protect New York State’s ability to freely export agricultural commodities. By trapping for potential invasive species that have been found in other areas of the United States, or that have the potential to make their way into New York from foreign soils, we compile the negative data necessary to ensure that we are not shipping a targeted invasive species with a commodity from a specific region.  The survey is conducted in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension's NYS IPM Program and Grape Programs in the main growing regions of New York State; Lake Erie, Finger Lakes, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

During the growing season pheromone traps are set up in vineyards and grape nurseries. These traps contain lures impregnated with pheromone designed to attract the specific pests. These traps are screened every two weeks for the pests. If it is suspected that the trap has attracted the target pest, that sample is sent to an entomologist for identification.

By conducting these surveys, we are able to confirm or deny the presence of specific pests in a certain area.

Annual reports are listed below:

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