Invasive Insect Species

brown marmorated stink bug

Native to Asia.

Potential issue for New York and Pennsylvania grape growers.

European corn borer


Usually found in Vinifera varieties.

European Grape berry moth

Photo by Todd Gilligan

Native to Europe and Central Asia.

Part of the NY CAPS project.

European grapevine moth

Native to southern Italy.

Each successive generation feeds on a different part of the host plant.

Part of the NY CAPS project.

Gypsy Moth

Native to France.

These have become “naturalized” in northeaster forest communities.

light brown apple moth

Native to Australia.

Around 2,000 known host plants.

Part of the NY CAPS project.

Japanese beetle

Native to Asia.

Vineyards adjacent to pasture or sod fields are more susceptible to infestation.

multicolored asian lady beetle

Native to Asia.

Predator to most mites and aphids but will feed on berries.

Spotted wing drosophila

From East Asia.

Attracted to late season, soft-fleshed fruit.