Virtual Hop IPM Meetings

As part of our New York Farm Viability Institute grant Hops IPM from Greenhouse to Field we are starting biweekly meetings to discuss what is currently happening in hop yards across the state.  We are using Zoom, a distance learning software that will allow you to enter the meeting room using your computer.  There will be no formal agenda other than an update on what IPM practices should be on your radar and then the meeting will be opened up for questions and answers.  These meetings will be a great opportunity to hear about what is happening across the state (depending on who all participate) as well as interact with extension staff and fellow growers.  If you are interested and would like to attend please login using the connection information for the appropriate date and time found below.  We have scheduled the meetings during the lunch hour so you can multitask and participate while you eat. And the best part is you can click in and out at any time.  We will be recording the sessions so if you find you are running out of time you can type in a question and come back to the recording to hear the answer at your convenience.  If you have any questions, please contact Tim Weigle at

You can join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

July 10

July 24

August 7

August 21

September 11

Susceptibility to Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew for Selected Varieties

Variety Powdery Mildew Variety Downy Mildew
Comet R Hallertau Gold R
Crystal R Hallertau Magnum R
First Gold R Hallertau Tradition R
Newport R
Cascade R/MS Perle R
Newport MR/R Spalter R
Mt. Hood MS/R
Nugget S/MR/R Columbia MR
Fuggle MR
Fuggle MR Pioneer MR
Hallertau Tradition MR Sterling MR
Pioneer MR Teamaker MR
Teamaker MR U.S. Tettnanger MR
Willamette MR
Centennial MS
Columbia MS Olympic MS
Hallertau Gold MS Saazer MS
Hallertau Mittelfruh MS Saazer 36 MS
Horizon MS Tettnanger MS
Liberty MS
Tettnanger MS Brewers Gold S
Bullion S
Brewers Gold S Cascade S
Bullion S Centennial S
Chinook S Chinook S
East Kent Golding S Comet S
Galena S Crystal S
Galcier S East Kent Golding S
Hallertau Magnum S First Gold S
Late Cluster S Galena S
Northern Brewer S Galcier S
Olympic S Hallertau Mittelfruh S
Perle S Horizon S
Saazer S Late Cluster S
Saazer 36 S Liberty S
Spalter S Mt. Hood S
Sterling S Northern Brewer S
Tolhurst S Nugget S
U.S. Tettnanger S Tolhurst S
Vanguard S Vanguard S
Willamette S

Disease susceptibility ratings are based on greenhouse and field observations in experimental plots and commercial yards in the Pacific Northwest as of 2015. R=Resistant; MR=moderately resistant; MS=moderately susceptible; S=susceptible (Gent et al, 2015)

Sources for Common Scouting Tools

Flagging Tape

Ben Meadows

Forestry Suppliers tape



Hand Lens

Ben Meadows

Forestry Suppliers lens



Yellow Sticky Cards

Olson Products Inc.

Evergreen Growers Supply


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Historical map of hop production across the United States in 1879. Each dot represents 100,000 bales; 1 bale - 200 pounds of dried hops.