Project and Proposal Reporting Session

February 15, 2018


6592 W. Main Rd.


A project reporting session is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2018 at the Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory located at 6592 West Main Rd. Portland, NY. This location will serve as the main location with a satellite location at the Geneva NYSAES station. The meeting will begin at 10:00am and run until approximately Noon. Updates on projects funded by the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Research and Extension Program, Inc. (the group charged with dispersing the 75 cents per ton voluntary assessment for Concords produced in the Lake Erie Region), New York Wine and Grape Foundation, and New York Wine Grape Growers Association, will be presented, as well as, short presentations on proposed new projects.

The meeting format is designed to encourage discussion between those who are conducting or proposing projects, the funders, and the grower community by limiting presentations to 5 minutes and eliminating the use of visual aids.
LERGP Winter Grape Grower Conference
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
SUNY Fredonia
Williams Center

Come spend the day with the LERGP team and fellow growers engaging in presentations, vendor trade show and conversation. Continental breakfast and a catered lunch are included in fee. Agenda is available. Giveaways and drawings for prizes!

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Core Pesticide Training and Pesticide Applicator’s License Exam

March 28, 2018

Core Pesticide Training and Pesticide Applicator's License Exam
WHERE: CLEREL Meeting room
COST: $100
REGISTRATION: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires you to register for entrance to the exam session with the Buffalo DEC office at (716) 851-7220.
DEADLINE for registration to take the test is March 9, 2018. To register, call the DEC at (716) 851-7220. You will then be sent an exam application form and test instructions by the DEC.
Any questions about your eligibility to take an exam or the status of your current certification should be directed to the Buffalo DEC office at (716) 851-7220.
Commercial Applicators: You will need the “Core Manual” and the category manual for the area(s) in which you will be certifying. Private Applicators: You will need to get the “Core Manual” plus the private category manual for the area in which you will be certifying.
CORE and category training manuals are available through the Cornell Store by using the attached order form or by calling (800) 624-4080 or the website link: <a href=””>

Questions on Pesticide Examinations should be directed to the NYS DEC at (716) 851-7220.

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